Here is how they do it:

Every CPU has implemented Tensor Cores that are the eyes and ears of AI.

They call this... "The Internet of things".

Which means... your Washing Machine will spy on you.

Your TV screen reports everything about you.

Your coffee maker reports what kind of coffee you drink.

Your car reports where you drive to, what music you listen to, if you are happy, if you are sad.

What conversations you have with whom and when and where.

Your Fridge will scan your eyeballs before you open it and denies you even what you eat or drink if it deems to be "unhealthy" or at the "wrong time" or... Truth be told... if it deems you a non citizen.

Even your door will deny you exit if you are angry or... and that's the point... if the WHO calls out a pandemic and locks us all up again.

Giving Machines the ability to control you or to deny you gives machines Authority over you... and that's the point.

The Authority of this Authority will then be the Government... the Social Credit score (X / formally known as Twatter)... and the ruling class of incest inbred imbeciles...

The Government then will be AI so it don't matter if you complain... the machines will take over.

They are no longer tools that help you... they become devices that control you and can be remotely controlled by the mainframe of Ai to deny you or even kill you at the instruction of an AI supercomputer they currently build in Israel as a self fulfilling Prophecy.


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Lol Gangs of New York

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Ray Kurzweil predicted the singularity by 2045. Will it be earlier than that?

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