Build Back Better in order to buld back better they are instigating a creative destruction of the economy word by Draghi tyhe leader of Draghistan in an op -ed written by himself and other 99 people. Its all by design.

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On a Celente with the Judge episode an interesting point about reaction to Chinese troops on Mexican border was raised and ai thought suppose by invitation U.N pesce keepers were sent from China abd from Sweden and Finland to put focus on U.N.

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Two petitions for a UNODOC training program in all nations via international monetary transfer authorization form through revenue agencies via VISA credit card. 600 billion to Wirld food employment and UNODOC program, a UNODOC office is in Austria. UNODOC can also help with police brutality problems Black Lives matter raised. As Canada has a reputation for peace keeping it can replace NATO troops with U,N Peace keeper monitor's to monitor cease fires or serve in similiar neutral function. Changing the helmets to blue U.N helmets all required as same nations contribute soldiers to U.N as peace keepers. For example Jordan contributed 4 thousand abd Australia over 8000 U.N Peace Keepers.

To have citizen U.N Peace Keepers at home would raise the visibility of U.N and peace.

So UNODOC for U.S but also Finland and Sweden as Peace keeping very much in line with neutral stance if Sweden.

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